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We’re living in exciting times where we are reevaluating everything: how we run our economies, what we want out of life, how we should be educating our children, and what gender looks like in the modern era. While this is all exciting, it’s also mighty confusing! What better time to untangle these conversations of gender than right now?

Jonathan and Jonathan

On The Gender Knot we try to tackle a gnarly gender issue every week. There’s often no right or wrong answer at the end of these explorations, but avenues are opened, and hopefully this exercise will eventually lead to more insight and clarity to help us all on our way.

We’re always up for hearing ideas from our listeners, so please get in touch. We’re also keen to work with sponsors and collaborators so do drop us a line if you’re interested in advertising on the show or if you are involved in similar work and would like to collaborate with us on a project or episode.


Podcast Crew

Nas, host and producer

Nastaran Tavakoli-Far

I’m Nas aka Nastaran Tavakoli-Far. I'm a journalist and I’m fascinated with the psyche and with serious soul diving!

I studied economics so am aware that  it’s all about the micro and the macro, and how they interplay, and how you need to understand and honour both to go forth in the world. Therefore I’m also fascinated by polarities and the fine balance needed of both, with masculinity and femininity being one set of examples. I’ve also reported on STEAM - that's about adding the arts to STEM education - and like to boast about my nerdy (and perhaps rather classical) teenage years where I was very skilled at both fine ink drawings and differential equations! 

I also currently present/host and report for the BBC World Service radio, where I worked for many years on news programmes, and I’ve also reported for BBC Business and BBC Technology. I was educated at the LSE and Columbia Journalism School. 

Jonathan, Co-Host

Jonathan cropped.jpg

I’m Jonathan Freeman aka Jonathan or token straight, white guy. I take pride in the fact that I have an eclectic background and more importantly, that I can pronounce Nas’ name correctly. Pretty sure that’s why she asked me to be co-host.

I have been a startup person, Army officer, political hack, and what feels like forever, doctoral student. I have deployed multiple times to war zones but the really crazy thing I did was becoming a teacher of Transcendental Meditation. I’ve studied politics and international relations for years and occasionally can almost sound like I know what I am talking about.

Since my mother always taught me to share, I’m a big fan of sharing my opinions. Things I really feel strongly about: America is awesome. Iowa is the greatest state in the nation. As a Jew I am not supposed to believe in Hell except that I live in the Washington D.C. area. Most importantly, I believe the pie is an acceptable meal at any time of day.

Sam, Co-Producer

Sam square.jpg

I'm Sam Baker. I am currently shifting career gears to work in journalism. Previously I worked in communications at non-profits in Alaska, and arts education before that in Texas, Minneapolis, and New York.

Since entering the professional world, I've become interested in feminism and gender issues that workplaces bring to the fore. Growing up in a culture that teaches girls and boys that they can be anything they want, I found contemporary realities of gender in the workforce challenging and wanted to learn more about how we can continue to improve these settings for women. 

Coming from the United States, I am also interested in how masculinity is changing in the 21st century in relation to the rising popularity of feminism and particularly in the wake of our most recent election, where gender and sexism came up a lot. I want to encourage conversation about healthy masculinity and gender in general, in hopes that having open and honest discussions about gender will help us all understand ourselves and one another better.  

jonathan, Co-Producer

Jonathan square 2.jpg

I’m Jonathan (Jonny) Blackwell. As well as co-producing The Gender Knot I also produce the Science: Disrupt podcast and work for BBC Three Counties Radio. I was first involved in podcasting at Purple Radio, Durham’s student radio station during my undergraduate, where I was Head of Production and Podcasting. 

Based in London, I recently finished a Masters in Broadcast Journalism at City, University of London, having previously studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Durham University.

Cynara, Business Development

Cynara square.jpg

Bio coming soon!




I'm Cady Voge. I'm a multimedia journalist based in London, originally from California, USA. In my former life, working in global education, I traveled a lot for work. I led trainings about how to teach empathy and cross-cultural communication. In other words, my job was to teach the importance of looking at issues from all sides. 

One thing I observed was that gender is difficult enough to navigate in one society, but add additional layers of language and cultural barriers and it can get really complex! When it comes to topics related to identity (gender, race, etc.) there are always countless perspectives, that's what makes them fascinating to me. 

Whether you like it or not, gender comes up everywhere; from representation in hollywood, to access to certain careers and sectors, to politics, etc. I'm interested in listening to and cultivating in-depth conversations that will help us all untangle our 21st century gender knot!  

I've also co-directed a short documentary in India, was the managing editor of a publication called Innovations Stories based in Colombia, and most recently, finished up an MA in International Journalism.



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