Season 5


Apologies are hard


From Aziz Ansari to Eve Ensler to why on earth apologies are so hard, we dive in and also discuss the best way to give an apology.

Mark manson’s tips for men


We end season 5 by hearing Mark Manson’s tips for men during these confusing times, including how men can help each other out and his predictions for how men and women will get along in the future.  

Guest: Mark Manson, author of ‘Everything is fucked: A book about hope’

Vulnerability final round


You’ve been writing to us about vulnerability following our previous two rounds and we’re going to delve into your thoughts and experiences. This journey started with us talking about men and vulnerability in relationships. Now we want to know if vulnerability culture is useful at all, and how does it benefit or hold back men and women differently.

Matt Stadlen on men talking about sex

LBC radio host Matt Stadlen joined us to chat vulnerability recently. This time we go into men talking about sex: how much do men really talk about sex and how does this impact their relationships?

Guest: Matt Stadlen, journalist and LBC radio host

Matt Stadlen 1.jpg

How do we talk about rape?

Mithu Sanyal.jpg

Author of the book ‘Rape’ Mithu Sanyal fills us in on ways we can approach talking about rape and giving support, and why consent culture is tricky in societies where we are taught not to express our needs and desires clearly in the first place.

Guest: Mithu Sanyal, author of the book ‘Rape: from Lucretia to #MeToo’

Vulnerability Round 2


We recently talked to LBC’s Matt Stadlen about vulnerability and how especially men can struggle with this in relationships. We delve back in and also hear your thoughts and experiences with opening up.

Mark Manson on Modern Life

The hit author talks about his new book ‘Everything is fucked: A book about hope’, and how technology and choice are impacting how we live and make decisions on the modern world.

Guest: Mark Manson, author of ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck’


Matt Stadlen on vulnerability

Matt Stadlen 2.jpg

LBC radio's Matt Stadlen joins us to talk about vulnerability.  We try to uncover some of the reasons why men and women have a hard time opening up, especially in intimate relationships. 

Guest: Matt Stadlen, LBC radio host

Mark Manson on sex and pornography


The author of hit book ‘The subtle art of not giving a fuck’ talks to Dan about how pornography and the way it’s impact men’s interest in sex, and tips on how to have more fulfilling sex. Also check out Mark’s upcoming book ‘Everything is fucked’ and his speaking tour by heading over to

 Dan and Nas also have a quick talk about expectations on women due to the increasing use of pornography.

Guest: Mark Manson, author and columnist

Creepy courting


This episode we discuss the line between courting someone and stalking. What can often start off as something innocent looking can very easily turn into a frightening situation. Laura Mucha, author of the book Love Factually, joins us to discuss this and more!

For help with stalkers, abuse, etc visit in the US, or in the UK.

Guest: Laura Mucha, author of Love Factually: The science of who, how and why we love

Getting along


Welcome to Season 5! We’ve re-branded the podcast, and going to be focusing on trying to get men and women to get along.

We chat about this new direction a little and catch up on some of your mail from over the hiatus period.